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The clients are our partners.

Our goal is to develop partnership with our clients. We do not sign contracts without thinking everything through. We are not looking for a possibility of short-term profit, but for a long-term cooperation and a possibility of developing the market further. Step by step. Together with you!

We are not a firm. We are a company.

We are a company of enthusiastic colleagues who know their work well. We focus on personal approach – the client does not have to deal with corporate structure in our company. We are not an automatic institution, but people who can listen to each other and work together. We have a goal that we are all working on and that we all present personally. We are a team.

We are people too.

We have nothing to hide and we can ensure total transparency of our company. We are a type of business partner who understands their business partners. We are looking for solutions and not hiding from problems. We are able to find problems, define them and find efficient solutions for them.

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We are not a factory for templates. We are a team of specialists, designers and developers of mouldings and packaging. We perceive the product in context, from the first design, through the production, to its delivery to the distributor shops.

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Our company makes a project called “Participating of Plastkon Product s.r.o. in international fairs“, CZ.01.2.111/0.0/0.0/15_016/0001410, which is co-financed by Operational programme entrepreneurship and innovation for competitiveness paid by the European Union and the state budget of the Czech Republic. The object of this project is the support of individual participation of Plastkon Product s.r.o. in 8 globally important fairs for gardening, sports equipment, toys and leisure activities held in Germany in years 2016-2018. This project will lead to development of the company and improvement of its competitiveness. Gaining new customers and participating in these fairs will lead to increased export and overal profits of the company. Realization of the project will contribute to international competitiveness of the company and improve its international expansion. The company will gain new customers and increase exports and profits.

Naše společnost realizuje projekt s názvem „Rozšíření výrobního areálu firmy Plastkon product s.r.o.“,  reg.č. CZ.01.2.07/0.0/0.0/16_058/0007661, který je spolufinancován z Operačního programu Podnikání a inovace pro konkurenceschopnost, tedy ze zdrojů Evropské unie a státního rozpočtu ČR.
Předmětem předkládaného projektu je rozšíření a modernizace výrobního areálu společnosti Plastkon product s.r.o. Rekonstrukcí, demolicí a výstavbou nových objektů dojde k optimalizaci prostor pro zefektivnění a zkvalitnění činnosti firmy.

European fund for regional development
Operational programme Enterpreneurship
and innovation for competitiveness