Custom production

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Drawing of mouldings

Together with the supplier we select ideal materials and colours. Then we create the drawings of mouldings in CAD software.


Exclusive colours and logos for products

We will adjust the products according to your needs and ensure an exclusive appearance. For bigger orders we can ensure a completely new colour of products, modify certain properties of the material and packaging, design logos, stickers or print.


Safety certification of the products

In case of toys and sports equipment we coordinate the certification according to Czech and European standards, such as EN-17 with international institutions Intertek, TUV, SGS and ITC.


Sketching of design options and creating 3D models

We create several options and sketches that are evaluated in terms of usage and aesthetic design.


Rapid Prototyping with the help of 3D printing

When developing more complex products we use 3D printing to test out contact surfaces and connections. We are able to create a prototype in 1:1 ratio.