Plastkon Product s.r.o. is based in a factory with almost a hundred years of history of manufacturing plastic products. Before 1989 the factory was a part of LNH group, which was producing plastic products.

Until 2012 the company grew and became a European leader in terms of design, development, production and sales and marketing of plastic products and tools for their production. The company combines extensive technical background backed up by a hundred years’ history with modern approach to market-driven innovations and creates optimum quality for optimum price.

Thanks to collaboration with renowned suppliers and clients, Plastkon products are now available on all the main markets in the world.

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We are not a factory for templates. We are a team of specialists, designers and developers of mouldings and packaging. We perceive the product in context, from the first design, through the production, to its delivery to the distributor shops.

195 responsible employees
23 colleagues work with their relatives
73 employees are women
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  • product varieties
  • flowerpots produced in one hour
  • kg of material used
  • injection moulding machines
  • blowing machines
  • CNC cutting machines
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Women in production management


2015 – Rebranding of the gardening collection to Gardenico

Growing demand for gardening equipment and increasing quality of the products in this segment motivated Plastkon to develop and produce an extensive portfolio of flowerpots and window pots, newly under the brand Gardenico. The company expands marketing support for its partners and improves Just-in-Time (JIT) distribution in Europe.

2014 – Modernization of the complex

A new storage hall was built, the complex was continuously modernized and the company improved the technologic equipment of its own development centre.

2014 – Steerable sledge Stratos and Gizmo Riders enter the market

Stratos - the first sledge in the world with no metal parts that could corrode, with self-retractable mechanism of the towrope. Plastkon becomes a European leader in development and production of sledges for children. Under the brand Gizmo Riders the company developed new products, Supernova and Meteor.

2013 – Reconstruction of the complex

Some of the oldest buildings were rebuilt and a new montage hall was built.

Helping children


Within our CSR programme we have supported the youngest generation by donating our products for several years now. In 2013 and 2014 we cooperated with online educational course of healthy lifestyle Hravě žij zdravě (Healthy and Playful Living) and pleased 322 Czech children.


Every year we successfully pass ethical, technical and product audits Intertek and SGS specialized on quality and safety and with regards to auditing of the whole value chain – from the processes to organization, services and systems. We carry out these audits do that we comply with all the standards. All our products for children are tested in laboratories of ITC and Intertek and they comply with the strictest Czech and European standard EN71 and bear a Declaration of Conformity CE.

Ecology and waste disposal


We use economical and ecological packaging and we are determined to use the most suitable packaging solutions. We think of the environment and continually search for ways to cut down on the pollution that our activities cause. We are certified to use Ekokom, Gruener-Punkt (DSD) and ARA logos, which ensure that we fulfil all the responsibilities given by the law about packaging. Our partners ensure take-back and usage of packaging waste. Our factory fulfils the conditions of REACH regulation about limiting chemical substances and protection of health and the environment.

Recycling of plastic


Our company gives plastic an ecological dimension. It may be surprising but our company uses a so-called “closed loop” which means that all plastic materials are recycled and used again directly in the premises of our company. If we produce a damaged product, we immediately mix it and produce new products made from the waste. Therefore we do not move our waste anywhere, we just use it again.

Certification and quality


Safety and quality is a priority for us. We hold certifications in the area of winter equipment that give us certainty in terms of safety of our products. All our products for children are tested in laboratories of ITC and Intertek and fulfil the strictest Czech and European standard EN71 and bear a Declaration of Conformity CE. You will find more information on certification here: