Hobby markets / DIY

German retail chain Tedox sells our products in more than 80 branches all over Germany, therefore we ensure complex custom preparation in the area of various assortment, assembly of the products on mixed pallets and commission distribution to individual branches for Tedox. All this you can have even with orders worth 300 EUR.

We send for example 40 types of products in a total volume of two pallets to one branch, to other branches we send a mix of 10 types pro products in a total volume of one big cardboard box. We are able to handle all 80 branches within 3 weeks from ordering. We also ensure all important documentation, delivery notes and invoices for each branch, so that Tedox is able to offer their customers all products directly from the manufacturer and increase their sales.



German wholesale company Testrut have been one of the biggest companies in its area for more than 70 years. It ensures systemic services for retailers. Testrut presents our products in their showroom of almost 3000 m squared.

Testrut invites their customers to their showroom and our goal is that our products are presented effectively and aesthetically, because the success of Testrut is also our success. A retailer who visits the showroom does not have much time so it is necessary to inform them about the benefits of our products as quickly and effectively as possible. Therefore we created a design for presenting our products in the shelves of showrooms and came up with a solution for highlighting the shelves with the help of graphical airs such as topsters, stoppers, wobblers, various leaflets and schemes. We also installed mini TVs with motion sensors directly onto the shelves that play our 3D videos. All we needed was a photo of the shelf used for presenting our products. Our sales partners also provide regular trainings and presentations for the employees of Testrut.

Toys “R” Us


Toys “R” us is one of the biggest chain of toy stores in more than 37 countries. Our products Gizmo Riders impressed the German branch, which wanted to collaborate as soon as possible. To be ready for the Christmas season we had to start several months in advance. Listing the products, distribution into storages and shops would otherwise take too long and we would risk missing the lucrative Christmas sales season. Thanks to presentation of own e-shop Toys “R” Us and our technologic abilities we found a solution and started collaborating in the area of e-commerce within several weeks.

Toys “R” Us chose the products, we helped them launch the e-shop and distribution system on our XML feed, download photos, videos and product information from our online database and everything was ready. Customers then ordered products via the e-shop of Toys “R” Us and our company delivered them within 24 hours, including an invoice with the logo of Toys “R” Us. We also ensure complaints system and returns handled with the customers directly.

Thanks to our technological abilities in the area of e-commerce and dropshipping the customers can start distributing our products within 4 weeks from our first contact and with no expenses for storage, distribution and reclamation.



French retail chain Auchan has more than 3000 stores in 15 countries and you will find our products Winter Collection and Gizmo Riders in most of them. Auchan is under a huge pressure so they are constantly looking for exclusive products that no one else offers so their product managers are looking for new colour trends, which would impress even the youngest and most demanding customers – children. Every year we prepare an exclusive series of new colours of sledges distributed only for Auchan.

For each new colour option we ensure new certification of safety and presentation in showrooms. With regards to distribution to many countries we produce custom-made manuals, labels and packaging specifically for Auchan.

Customers can be sure that when they visit Auchan shops, they will find exclusive product that cannot be bought anywhere else.


Hobby markets / DIY

Bauhaus is one of our biggest clients in the Czech Republic as well as in Europe. They sell our self-irrigated pots with Smart System technology. These pots are seasonal goods and approximately 80% of them is sold in a short time interval of three weeks around Easter. Our self-irrigation technology is different from the competition, so we are preparing special POS displays and mixed pallets with topsters for better communication with the customers.

POS displays with topsters can be located in busy spots, they do not require shelves and they are easy to handle. Graphic topster informs the customers about the properties of Smart System and increases their knowledge about the technology.

During weekends we carry out presentations for our customers. Our employees present the products and show the customers all of their benefits, so we are even closer to the customers and we get valuable feedback from them, which we analyse and evaluate during the development of new products and presentations.

This way we increase the sales turnovers by one square meter during key days of the season and at the same time we make sure that our customers are satisfied and informed. The results of research show that 70% customers considers it important that the handles of pots be located near the pots and not in the section of “accessories,” where they had been until recently. We managed to optimize the location of our products in Bauhahs so that we fulfil the wishes of our customers.


Toys / sport

Czech company Sportisimo has several shops in the Czech Republic. We closely cooperate with their experts on merchandising so that we are able to present the properties of our products as consistently as possible to their customers.

Our graphic studio creates billboards, large format posters, mini TVs with 3D videos of our products, various POP/POS displays and racks for our products.

Our company handles all these activities so Sportisimo has lower merchandising costs. In exchange for that they inform us about the expectations and needs of the customers so that we are able to prepare custom-made presentations for individual shops. Sportisimo increases their sales, lowers their merchandising costs and informs their customers about the quality and properties of the products they sell in a better way.


Garden centres

German company Landgard is active in several European markets in cash & carry sales and distributions of products for small and medium gardening centres. Due to high costs for minimum supply amounts many gardening centres cannot buy flowerpots and window pots directly from the manufacturers. Therefore we prepare special POS/POP displays and mixed pallets in small sizes that are attractive for small and medium gardening centres. Thanks to this solution even the smallest gardening centres can buy a wide range of mixed goods in a volume that will not use up all of their storage and commercial spaces.



Tescoma became a synonym for kitchenware, as well as Bata with shoes, or the brand Lux, which gave its name to vacuuming. Tescoma has branches in 7 European countries and exports its products into more than 100 countries.

Together with designers of Tescoma we ensure complex development, testing, production, drawing, cutting mouldings using CNC machines and surface treatment – polishing, texturization or electroerosion of products. Then we mould these products using injection-moulding machines and ensure printing and assembly with other semi-finished products from other suppliers.

We appreciate the trust of Tescoma and the possibility of participate in development and production of new products that received many prestigious international awards in the area of applied design.

Sport One, Firestone, Kometa Brno, Škoda Auto


We are able to adjust our products for our business partners according to their business brands. Our graphic studio prepares the documentation, materials and placement of labels and logos on the products. We design ideal adhesive material, colours and packaging and we ensure production and assembly. Our serial product becomes a modified exclusive product.

Our business partners use these services especially for big promo events or when they want to give the products to their customers, employees and partners. Thanks to our cooperation they can offer exclusive-looking products modified according to their brand manuals.