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Dropshipping for e-shops

For e-shops in the countries of EU we ensure dropshipping, so there is no need for you to have the goods in storage. You can just connect your order system with ours and your customers will receive their orders within 48 hours from ordering.


Commission distribution

Due to our effective distribution platform for commission distribution we ensure transport of orders even for big retail chains not only to central storages but also into individual shops. We are able to distribute cardboard amounts directly to tens of shops all over the EU within two weeks from ordering.


Delivery within 2 weeks

We are able to equip a truck full of products within two weeks from confirming the order.


We distribute anywhere in the world, in any amount

Whether it’s containers, trucks, pallets, cardboards or small orders, you can rely on us.


Vast storage spaces

We have built new big storages for this purpose but we also use the storages of our contractual partners located in countries of the EU.