Production of plastic goods

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Blow moulding

With the technology of blowing moulding we produce hollow double-walled products, e.g. watering cans or orchid irrigators.


Production of technologies of injection moulding, blow moulding and rotation moulding

Due to this wide range of activities we are able to produce almost any type of plastic product of any size. Our portfolio with more than 4000 products contains several small mouldings, a few centimetres big but also products that weigh several kilograms of one meter in size.


Rotation moulding

As one of a few companies we own a rotation moulding technology. These machines allow us to produce extremely big products up to 2.5 meters big.


Injection moulding

The machinery is on average 5 years old, whereas every year we buy new moulding machines so that we remain one step ahead of our competition.


Tampoprint a IML (In Mould Labelling)

The mouldings are labelled with a logo, sign or a label directly in the production hall.


Automatic production

All our machines have manipulation robots and conveyors, which means that our production is partially automatic.