Development and production of mouldings

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Complex development, testing and production of mouldings

Our knowledge and abilities allow us to introduce a new product to the market within several weeks.


Surface treatments – polishing, texturization and electroerosion

We treat surfaces with electroerosive technology, ensure texturization of selected surfaces with Standex® technology, and if it is necessary, we polish the surfaces of mouldings manually until they are smooth.


Cutting on CNC machines

We create sketches of mouldings that are subsequently cut on one of our CNC machines.


Rapid Prototyping with the help of 3D printing

When developing more complex products we use 3D printing to test out contact surfaces and connections. We are able to create a prototype in 1:1 ratio.


Sketching of design options and creating 3D models

We create several options and sketches that are evaluated in terms of usage and aesthetic design.


Drawing of mouldings

Together with the supplier we select ideal materials and colours. Then we create the drawings of mouldings in CAD software.